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Top 10 mistakes product managers make and how to avoid them

1 - Confusing Customer Wants and Needs With Product Requirements When it comes to the customer, the product manager wants the customer to...

Top 9 Qualities of a Pro Product Manager

I was recently talking to a co-founder of a leading social network and he asked what in my view are the qualities of a great product manage...

Top 10 product management tools

Today, we’re exploring the 10 best product management tools (of different types) that effective teams are actually using in 2017. 1. Aha!...

Top 10 product management courses online

Top 10 free and paid product management courses online Hi, I am David, admin of ProductManager365 blog. Today, let me share all of you abo...

13 tips to become a great product manager

13 tips to become a great product manager 1. Be well-versed in the essentials "Learn how to speak the language," says Mark...

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